Why read this?

Well, who am I and why should you waste the two minutes it will take you to read this blog? 

Firstly, what have you possibly got to do that can’t wait two minutes! C’mon it won’t kill you, promise. Second, you might enjoy it. I will be babbling on about all kinds of things. Good things about life in Hong Kong, things that are bad, and other stuff that is simply incomprehensible. Like girls who wear winter boots that are so hairy they look like they need a haircut, or European men who wear scarves when it’s hot. Incomprehensible. Thirdly, and most importantly, you might just hate it. It will give you something tangible to bitch about in the office. “Hey, Stanley, did you read the drivel from ‘acotob’ this week?” “Yeh Frank, the guy has a screw loose. Who finds splayed lizards in the dry markets remotely interesting?”  Think about the morale boosting potential, not to mention the pressure it might take off the office idiot.

Side note: If you don’t know who the office idiot is, chances are it’s you.

Or maybe you just might get a chuckle at the simple and sometimes idiotic things that go on in the Special Administrative Region, which a busy lifestyle might miss. I’ll do the looking for you; it will simply cost you two minutes, three if you’re being jostled on the MTR. Hong Kong is a special city. Where else in the world can you mix Chinese, Australian’s, New Zealander’s, British, American’s, Canadian’s, French, German’s, Italian’s, Spanish, Filipino’s, Indonesian’s, Indian’s, Nepalese, Pakistani’s, Japanese, Thai’s and whoever else you can think of, into a Rugby 7’s stadium and see exactly zero fights. Admittedly you just might be too drunk to see them, but in my mind, if you don’t see them, they didn’t happen.

 In my former life, I was ensconced in a mind numbingly tedious corporate career. I travelled a lot, partly due to the nature of the business, mostly due to my conviction that if they can’t find you, they can’t fire you. But eventually they found me… I knew I shouldn’t have booked into the Sukhothai; too obvious. So from corporate high-flyer to toiling writer – come to think of it, that sounds like a pretty good trade.

 In any event, their loss is your gain, depending on your tolerance for lowbrow bloggists. But give it a go. Don’t sharpen your complaint pencil just yet. And if you actually like it let me know as well. Don’t just leave the positive reinforcement to my immediate family.

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I'm an expat dad, living in Hong Kong. Being a parent, especially a dad, is simply fraught with danger. Mums seem to have this built-in radar for trouble and danger - I do not. http://beingdadinasia.com - all about my life, being dad. http://achipofftheoldblog - all about the funny and strange things I see. View all posts by Tim

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