My underwear is not for public display. That possibly makes me old, a nerd or simply not ‘with it’.

I was in a yoga class the other day and the fellow next to me had his Calvin Kline’s poking out over his shorts. Is a yoga class now the place to be touting your expensive undergarment purchases?

When I was young, the only people who acceptably wore their briefs above their pants were very elderly men, poking out over their brown and white striped pyjamas as they wandered up the road to buy milk, and superhero’s, who to be fair, also had colour coordinated tights and matching cape.

This whole thing stinks of marketing to me. If your smalls are on display, you need appropriate ones, right? Can’t really head to the local menswear and get a six-pack of Y-fronts, you have to go and grab a box of Calvin’s or Diesel or even Hugo Boss.

Personally I have not descended to the level of the über fashion conscious (much to my families chagrin) and continue to keep my Marks & Spencer’s smalls hidden from the world at large (much to my families relief).

I am hoping this trend will eventually pass. What I hope will continue is a pleasing trend I have noticed lately, the world is going back to the seventies – the “year zero” of fashion and oversize gadgets. Giant headphones and tie-dye T-shirts are back. This will infuriate many of my family and friends who have scoffed and ridiculed me for hanging onto my flairs for so long – not that I remotely fit into them.

For the last couple of decades, everything was becoming smaller and smaller. Mobile phones that could fit inside a kinder-surprise egg, earphones that came with a warning they could conceivably fall into your inner ear. Portable this, portable that, it was becoming a contest to see who could build a washing machine that would fit into a briefcase.

Thankfully this trend seems to be reversing. The other day I saw a teenager with a set of headphones that were 125% bigger than her head. I, of course, never bought into the decade of tiny things. I have steadfastly refused to upgrade my mobile phone unless it was actually broken; I was using a Nokia 6210 for years – held together with rubber bands – only relinquishing it when the speaker finally broke. (If you’re unsure of this model, go to a museum, they will have one on display next to the horseless carriage).  I then reluctantly moved to a blackberry and now it’s so old, I was out with some friends recently and one of them asked me if it was a toy phone for my daughter.

So for me, the world is coming back to a place I feel comfortable in, with the stand up exception of Disco. Having zero rhythm, my hope, shared by all who have ever seen me dance, is that the world makes an exception and keeps this phenomenon well and truly in the past.

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One response to “Trends

  • Millsie

    Loving your blog !!! And I am loving the return of retro…. Just wish I had kept my yellow Walkman….though you’ll laugh I just found my Hello Kitty sticker collection… Vintage maybe worth something ??

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