BEST BLOG IN THE WORLD! (OK, not really; just a mildly amusing blog of the day)

I was recently awarded an award. Now, that’s surprising on so many levels. Firstly, it means someone actually reads this blog, secondly, they thought it was worthy of an award. While my “chuffed” meter registers a 10, I humbly thank Expat Alien. Go and have a look at her entertaining blog.  She has even written a book, and a proper book you can buy on Amazon, and even Kindle, whatever that is. So thanks K!

The award is for “Inspirational Blogs,” so I started by looking back through my posts… I kind of think Expat Alien made a typo and included me by mistake, Peter Sellers “The Party” style, but TOO LATE! No taking it back now!


So – what inspires me?

My Wife and Daughter

Two girls who I adore and who both, in their own way, make me a better person.

Hong Kong

Without Hong Kong, my blog may not have started. This place is truly crazy. There is material here to keep a writer occupied for a millennium. From fashion, to the weird world of Canto pop stars, I love it all.

Ordinary people

I’m not interested in what Sting, or any rock star, has to say on any subject other than music. The same goes for billionaires, sports stars and rich politicians. My experience is that money doesn’t make you smarter; in fact, it makes you dumb.  That’s why I like blogs, ordinary people writing extraordinary things.


Here’s a weird thought, experiencing other cultures, and being tolerant of them, might just be a good thing. Extremism, in any form is unacceptable: be it Muslim, Christian or Atheism. Travelling to different parts of the world has tempered my own intolerance and seeing other cultures inspires me. Humans are capable of remarkable things.

I am going to pass this award on to a few blogs I love.  Blogs that make me laugh out loud and make me think.

The Blog of Funny Names

OK, I can only dream of being funny like these guys. This blog of real names is superb.

But Im Beautiful

They broke the mold when they made Rose. Witty and funny, her blog will also touch you, but not in a weird way, like a grabby uncle, in a good way, like a letter from the tax department, saying they are no longer auditing you.

Dysfunctional Literacy

I always get a laugh from this blog. Great lists and insights into topics such as Sharapova’s grunting, you know, the important stuff.

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I'm an expat dad, living in Hong Kong. Being a parent, especially a dad, is simply fraught with danger. Mums seem to have this built-in radar for trouble and danger - I do not. - all about my life, being dad. http://achipofftheoldblog - all about the funny and strange things I see. View all posts by Tim

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