Mitt v Barack: It’s a Tie!

Mitt Romney loves America. THAT’S why you should vote for him. Here’s what his wife, Ann, says:

“You can trust Mitt. He loves America”.

I don’t doubt that for a second.  But hang on; according to Michelle Obama, Barack also loves America, and you should vote for HIM! What a dilemma!

Some other people who love America are:

FEAR – an anarchist militia group “- Forever Enduring Always Ready”. According to their webpage they are “true patriots”, and their aim is “to give the government back to the people”, violently. They love America, apparently.

Adolf Hitler – In February 1942, (weird, given they were at war) made a speech praising America and it’s industrial strength. OK, He may not have loved America, but he seemed to like it.

“Love”, therefore, seems a bit of a tenuous reason to vote for someone. Well then, how about something much more likely to influence voters – say, their choice of tie?

I’m not an American, so I am not going to espouse the virtues or highlight the deficiencies of either Mitt or Barack, that’s for people closer to the action to do, I’m just a casual observer.

Politics is all about perception. As such, I have casually observed the dress style of both blokes. Look at either candidate: Speeches are made by both of them in comically appropriate attire.

  • A serious suit and tie is worn when it’s a bit more of a solemn speech (you can trust me, I have a nice suit on).
  • Pants and shirt (with sleeves, “I’m ready to work”, rolled up), when it’s a more casual affair.
  • Shirt and tie (no jacket, sleeves rolled up) when on the campaign trail.
  • A shirt, no tie, with just the cuffs turned up once, for sort of weighty, impromptu speeches, (I’m hard working folks, but still want to look nice).
  • Check shirt, jacket and no tie for weekend speeches: (look at old semi-casual me, working on the weekend!)

It’s important stuff people.

Seriously, if you took pictures of both of them and put them side-by-side, they dress identically for their various scripted engagements. It seems to me, blue ties are by far the most popular, although I think Barack can pull off grey, pink and purple. Mitt needs to stick with blue, with an understated pattern. Bold stripes just enhance his “I’m all about money” issues. Red “Power” ties for State of the Union, or when addressing the people on serious issues is a sort of a given.

Am I too shallow for focusing on this rather than policy?

Absolutely. But elections in any country are about bagging the other guy, and less about bragging about what you can do/have accomplished.  Elections are all about appearances. As a Stockbroker, I use to joke that if I gave my boss a lovely chart, well presented and formatted, it was almost irrelevant what information it contained, or what it said, or didn’t say. “Colour over Substance” was my motto.

So we boldly go to the upcoming first Presidential Debate. Here it is people; you heard it here first:

Mitt – he will be in a red power tie. He needs to look Presidential. He has to create an image he is a man with authority. A man who can lead the Nation.

Barack – Blue. Good old dependable blue. “I am in control – just ask my tie”. He want’s you to trust him; He’s got the job and doesn’t need to project his power. He wants respect.

I just hope we don’t see the “red on red” debacle from George W and Al Gore’s debate in 2000.  Power  tie v Power tie – it was terribly confusing.

Mitt, Barack –  get your wives to talk and sort out the neckwear beforehand. Or at least have a spare in your pocket to slip on during an ad break.

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