Funny Business

Ok, folks, tell me your funniest engineering joke… That’s right, there aren’t any. Sorry to my engineer friends, but you have to face reality. But then again, I was at a stand-up comedy night recently, and before the show, I was indulging in a spot of eavesdropping (note, If you ever see a guy leaning surreptitiously into your group, pretending not to be listening in, but clearly listening in – It’s probably me). The group was obviously made up of engineers. How could I tell? One of the guys made a cantilever joke. What’s more disturbing – is everyone raucously laughed. Perhaps it was a “dirty” cantilever joke?

“Two equal length beams were cantilevered in rotational equilibrium. The first beam dropped its pants and lost radial vector …” Oh, stop it! Too funny!

But then, industries do have their own “in” jokes, so maybe it was funny. Humour is a funny thing in itself. Different jokes make different people laugh, and what I find funny – you may not. Rarely is humour universal. “Funny” even drills down on sexual lines. (Men, commence giggling at the word “sexual” and “drill” in the same sentence. Women, roll eyes and discuss how lame that innuendo was.)

But really, Find a bloke that doesn’t laugh at a fart joke (or an actual fart) and I’ll show you a dead man.

Girls, I think, tend to like clever jokes (of which I know none). Toilet humour usually goes down like, well, a blocked toilet.

I suppose that’s why places like comedy clubs exist in the first place. You don’t do your own electrical repairs (I hope) so don’t do your own comedy (unless you are one of the few gifted stand-up artists). Comedy clubs generally appeal to most people, especially if there are several acts on.

The point is, (yes, it may be heavily disguised, but there is a point), that if you want a decent laugh, find out if there is a stand-up comedy club nearby, and support it. Trust me, even if the comics are a bit lame, you will have a fun night, just watch out for under-employed bloggers looking for material.


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