Romney and Ryan – Two Peanuts in a Pod.

Poor Mitt. Is there anything sadder than a failed political candidate crying: “Unfair!” Well, yep, there is. It’s his running mate, Paul “I’m a caricature of a preppy college dude” Ryan, also spouting off.

Boys, listen up: You lost. It hurts. For all I know, it may not have even been fair; but to engage in post poll sour grapes – and a bunch of grapes without much actual truth in them – just validates the choice made by American voters. Man-up gentlemen!

So what’s the real reason poor old multi-zillionaire Mitty – bitty the dust?

His tie.

OK, maybe I have a ‘thing’ for US politician’s ties, but look at the facts before discounting this little election night theory:

Mitt Romney – Blue and red stripes. It’s no wonder his credibility plummeted. Make a choice buddy.  Are you all about the red tie power play? Or are you all about the warm and fuzzy blue message? To top it off, nondescript dark stripes kept the two opposing themes apart, like an over zealous boxing referee. If you have to wear them on the same neck strangler, let them fight!

Obama, by way of contrast, had his trusty shiny blue soup catcher on.  No confusing messages there. “I’m a man of the people; granted, I am surrounded by 70 heavily armed secret service agents and travel in a bomb proof car, but trust me, I am one of you”

Oh Obama, who would have thought a simple tie choice would have swung 6 of the 7 swing states blue. Good work Michelle. Actually that might make a catchy country and western song,  “Baby, I swung the swing states blue”. Yeh, maybe not…

And so we are left with a terribly confused Romney. He seems to think people still want to hear his opinion. Here’s a news flash Moneybags – we don’t.  It’s actually quite sad for poor young Paul Ryan.  He seems to be in a little fantasy world all of his own, claiming that Obama “has no mandate”, to lead the USA, despite:

1)    The ‘Mitt and Paul show’ losing the election, 332 to 206 electoral college votes

2)    Losing the popular vote by 3.4 million ballots.

Then there is the clincher, with the VP wannabe claiming Obama won due to the “higher turnout in urban areas” Oh, you mean poor people, Paul? Oh dear, when did THEY get the vote?

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