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What Do You Need Right Now?

A new car? A boat? Or are your needs simpler than that? Maybe you’d just like a decent coffee?

I was in a fancy bar recently. Now to be sure, I don’t usually go to places like that as I just don’t buy into the beautiful crowd (and they don’t care for me, either). Add to that, I am generally dressed like I was brought up in a sports bar and I refuse to wear sunglasses after it’s dark.

So, while this bar was exceptionally genial, I am actually more at home in down-market establishments. That’s not to say I can’t do posh because I can. Sometimes it’s lovely to be in a place that doesn’t need to be hosed out at the end of the night.

So there I was. I was dressed appropriately ‘fancy’, and as happy as a pig in poo. The wives were off in one corner, the husbands in another, as it should be.  The girls were probably discussing something mildly worthwhile – while we were discussing the strengths and weaknesses of various single-malt scotch whiskies. Disclaimer: not one of us had or has any idea, or knowledge, about scotch – good or bad.

We finally settled on one to our liking, and out they came. As well as a fancy tumbler of the golden nectar, the barman presented to us a little green medicine bottle with an eyedropper attached.

We looked at each other, searching for answers. None of us had any idea. So clearly, we needed to ask.

“Kind Barkeep, do tell: what is this eyedropper for?”

“Sir” (rolling his eyes), “It’s the Scottish spring water – for your whisky.” (Another eye roll.)

Oh, of course! How silly of me. I mean local water would not do at all! Even bottled water was clearly not good enough. If we were to drink the amber fuel from the Gaelic Highlands, by god, we needed their spring water as well!

Which brings me back to what do you need right now. The world is a funny place. For some, the thought of having a pleasant scotch without Scottish spring water just wouldn’t do. For others, maybe having their sight restored might be nice.

I have a dear friend who is doing a 50km (31 mile) walk for the worthy cause of preventable/curable blindness. And so mes amis, if you can forgo 1 night on the whisky spring water eyedropper – why not donate the money you’ll save to this worthy cause? Support Liza. Here’s a link. Come and find out the strangely satisfying feeling that comes from anonymously giving some of your good fortune back.

It will take a few minutes of your time, and a small amount of your cash, to change someone’s life forever.

You know you want to.

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